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Sesen and Dulay, Notaries S.E.N.C, can help answer all questions about inheritance.

Our office has a solid reputation dealing with matters in this field. We are located in the multicultural neighborhood of Côte-des-Neiges, not far from Westmount.

Estate planning: A complex exercise

Questions related to inheritance can be rather delicate for both the heirs or the liquidator. A notary is able to intervene to ensure that all legal procedures are respected and that any judicial problems are properly addressed. The liquidator has a heavy task and their responsibilities can even be carried over in situations of non-compliance. However, they are entitled to transfer their responsibilities, or to call on a notary for help during certain stages of the process.

« We step in so that inheritance is executed in accordance with the law »

Notaire Successions et testaments Côte-Des-Neiges

A will: The best solution

Writing a will remains the best way to "get your affairs in order” and to enforce your final wishes after you die. You will therefore be able to designate your heir(s) and to assign your assets accordingly. Without a will, it is the law that determines a successor, which can open the door to many conflicts. That is why writing a will and registering it with a notary is the preferable route for all parties concerned.

« A notarized will makes it possible to quickly and legally settle inheritance »

Our way of working:

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