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Our firm, Sesen and Dulay, Notaries S.E.N.C, can answer all your questions about estate and succession planning.

We are located in Montreal, in the multicultural neighborhood of Côte-des-Neiges, near Westmount.

It is essential to get a notary involved

If a qualified liquidator (executor) is not involved in the succession process, settling an estate can become very complicated and lead to all sorts of conflicts. In such a situation, having a notary is very important: they can guide the liquidator through the various tasks to be carried out and the rules to be respected. This includes inventory analysis, paying debts, distribution of goods, etc. These obligations must be honoured as quickly as possible, otherwise damages could be incurred and the heirs’ rights could be jeopardized.

« The notary can guide the liquidator through the various tasks to be carried out and the rules to be respected »

Notaire succession Côte-Des-Neiges

A notary’s role in matters of succession

When settling an estate, the liquidator can choose to give their responsibilities over to a notary. As a result, the notary would become responsible for following all legal procedures and for providing regular updates. The liquidator might otherwise choose to solicit advice from a notary during certain stages of the process. It is important to remember that, in the event of a problem or delays in the transfer of assets, the liquidator could be held liable.

« Working with a notary is the best plan of action for any liquidator »

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